Student Licensing, Lab/non-production question

Hi, I am a CompSci student and I am interested in acquiring a Cumulus Linux license for learning.

Note: I am aware of Cumulus VX, I am currently learning on it with it in GNS3, the intent of this message is to get physical-switch experience.

About a year ago I sent an email to sales@ as well as licensing@ asking about student/demo licensing but no on responded.  

Shortly after I came across this posting:

From that I concluded: “Wow! a co-founder would reply to someone who is just looking to learn. I’ll just have to keep that in mind for when I eventually get my own switch.” So, it looked like Cumulus was open to supporting learners.

I kept that in the back of my mind while I was trying to acquire a compatible switch that I could afford. (That was about a year ago)

This whole time I have been working by butt off to level up my skills so I can finally tackle the beast that is Linux networking.

I have since then received a CCNA, RHCSA, and PPT206 certs in preparation for this (among other things).

Earlier this week IT HAPPENED! I came across a working but cosmetically damaged unit for super cheap. It’s an edgecore “AS4610-54P”

Unfortunately the post mentioned above was from Nolan Leake which doesn’t appear to be with Cumulus Networks anymore.


Earlier this week I sent another email to sale@ and also used the “contact us” page on the homepage, no answer :(


My question is this:

  1. I would like to know if Cumulus Networks offers student licensing, or demo licensing for an edgecore “AS4610-54P”?
  2. Is there a subscription trial/demo option for NetQ?  I would love to test my switch along side my VX machines with NetQ. (I’m a big fan of Nagios/Naemon based monitoring and I am just itching to find out if I can leverage it with NetQ)




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Hi Seau,


Great to see that you are working with Cumulus so much and we definitely want to assist you with you learning Cumulus. I would suggest that you also join our Slack community at (, you will over 3000 people that that are customers, interested people and employees.


Apologies that we didn’t respond to your e-mail last year. We are very responsive on e-mail, but I’ve looked and I can’t find that one. That said, you’r e-mail from Thursday evening was received and it is on the todo list of one of my colleagues that will get back to you on the possibilities of a trial licence.


Let us know if you have any more questions!

Hi Attilla,

Thank you for the reply, and the slack link. I just joined :)



You fine folks really came through for me.

I was setup with a 6 month license and I was successfully able to get my lab switch up and running this evening.

The install/setup of physical hardware was way better and easier than I was expecting.

Configuring switchports was even easier.

It is like I’m tasting sugar for the first time!

I’m super excited about the prospect of integrating this into my home lab.


Thank you so so much!



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Nice work @Attilla !