switch-to-switch MLAG example?

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Currently studying the MLAG guide

It mentioned switch-to-switch also support MLAG

However, I have some question:

1. Between Spine and Leaf can support MLAG?

2. If under L2 environment. Both are working as Leaf switchs. example

Is it support MLAG between (leaf1, leaf2) - (leaf3, leaf4)?

If yes, any example available?


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In the example above (config for which is available here), there are 3 different mlag pairs.
1) between spine1-spine2
2) between leaf1-leaf2
3) between leaf3-leaf4

so in the above example, you could consider that spine1-spine2 appear as a single device to both leaf pairs. And similarly leaf1-leaf2 appear as a single device to the spine pair.
Spine1 config, for example, shows a single bond connecting to leaf1-2 pair
net add bond leaf01-02 clag id 1012
and similarly a single bond connecting to leaf3-4 pair
net add bond leaf03-04 clag id 1034

mlag can be configured between any 2 switches, however, once a switch is part of an mlag pair, it cannot be part of a different mlag pair.

There wouldn't be a mlag configured between (leaf1,2) - (leaf3,4), if I am understanding your question correctly.
Could you provide details of the use case, or what you are trying to achieve?
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"There wouldn't be a mlag configured between (leaf1,2) - (leaf3,4), if I am understanding your question correctly. "

My setup not including spine1-spine2. Only pair of (leaf1-leaf2) and (leaf3 - leaf4), so one way they connect to each MLAG pair will be like Page 28 in below manual ?


auto connectnext
iface connectnext
bond-salves swp1 swp2
bond-mode 802.ad
bond-miimon 100
bond-use-carrier 1
bond-lacp-rate 1
bond-min-links 1
bond-xmit-hash-policy layer 3+4
clag-id 1