Test VLAN and SVI. Need help to connect existing network.

  • 10 October 2018
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I am continually learning and testing AS7712-32X.

The current setup:
Cumulus Linux on AS7712-32X, hostname "core-02"
Mellanox switch, hostname "core-01". This connected to all our current existing network with different VLANs (e.g 1, 8,9,16,23,24,...etc)

I build a trunk connection from swp1 (at core-02) to eth1/6(at core-01)

I created 2 new VLAN 100 and 200 on both switches.

Computer A connected to core-02 port swp32s2 on VLAN 100. IP:
Computer B connected to core-02 port swp31s2 on VLAN 200. IP:

Now A can ping B (and vice versa).

Both A and B can't ping any hosts connected to core-01. Could someone help me on this please? I need make hosts on both switches talk to each other.

Here is my interface file:
 cumulus@core-02:~$ cat /etc/network/interfaces
# This file describes the network interfaces available on your system
# and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).

source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*.intf

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface
auto eth0
iface eth0

auto swp1
iface swp1
bridge-vids 1 4 8-13 16 18-20 23-27 32-34 37 40 41 43 100 172 200
link-speed 40000
mtu 9000

auto swp31s0
iface swp31s0
link-speed 10000
mtu 9000

auto swp31s1
iface swp31s1
link-speed 10000
mtu 9000

auto swp31s2
iface swp31s2
bridge-access 200
link-speed 10000
mtu 9000

auto swp31s3
iface swp31s3
link-speed 10000
mtu 9000

auto swp32s0
iface swp32s0
link-speed 25000

auto swp32s1
iface swp32s1
link-speed 25000

auto swp32s2
iface swp32s2
link-speed 25000
mtu 9000
bridge-access 100

auto swp32s3
iface swp32s3
bridge-access 18
link-speed 25000
mtu 9000

auto bridge
iface bridge
bridge-ports swp1 swp31s2 swp32s3 swp32s2
bridge-vids 1 4 8-13 16 18-20 23-27 32-34 37 40-41 43 100 172 200
bridge-vlan-aware yes

auto vlan100
iface vlan100
vlan-id 100
vlan-raw-device bridge

auto vlan200
iface vlan200
vlan-id 200
vlan-raw-device bridge

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Is the trunk on swp1 up?
What does `net show interface swp1` show?
How about `net show interface pluggables` ?
@jgao A couple of thoughts and questions:

1) Assumption: the Mellanox switch is also running Cumulus;
2) Mellanox eth1/6 has a reciprocal configuration to swp1;
3) You have reciprocal routing between the two switches;

I don't see a routing configuration in the AS7712-32X that would forward the packets from it to the Mellanox (assuming it's L3 as well). If L2 is configured properly, hosts on either switch within VLAN100 should ping each other; likewise VLAN200 hosts.

However, without interVLAN routing configured on both the AS7712-32X and the Mellanox, hosts with a default GW of the AS7712-32X will not reach hosts with a default GW of your Mellanox.

Use the following command on either switch to determine if interVLAN routing is properly configured:

$ sudo ip route get NET/PREFIX

Example - From Mellanox switch:

$ sudo ip route get
$ sudo ip route get