The "net show int" command in version 3.3 is extremely slow and information has changed.

Is there a new command that gives the same information that was in 3.2 (interfaces aliases, vlan, bond, bridge info)? Is there work underway to speed up the process - it is nearly unusable in its current form due to the lag? We have "net show lldp" already so if adding the lldp info to the screen is what adds the time & bumps the other information are there any thoughts of rolling that back?

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Hi Troy. Can you provide additional details about your setup? I am not seeing the same behavior on my switch. I suspect this delay may be related to configuration or some other factor.

For reference, the switch I tried on is running Cumulus Linux 3.3.0 and the 1.0-cl3u5 NCLU package:
cumulus@qct-ly6-52:~$ sudo dpkg -l | grep nclu
ii nclu 1.0-cl3u5 all Network Command Line Utility cumulus@qct-ly6-52:~$ net show version NCLU_VERSION=1.0 DISTRIB_ID="Cumulus Linux" DISTRIB_RELEASE=3.3.0 DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Cumulus Linux 3.3.0"cumulus@qct-ly6-52:~$ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Cumulus Linux Description: Cumulus Linux 3.3.0 Release: 3.3.0 Codename: jessie
  • Does the net show lldp command also experience a delay when executed?
  • Is the delay seen for all net commands?
The old "net show int" is nearly instantaneous both in the lab & in production where the 3.3 set up takes about 15 seconds before anything shows & then the information is different.

The 3.2.1 version of net show interface has
state, name (portname & alias both displayed), speed, mtu, mode & summary where summary includes IP or VLAN info or bond information depending on interface types.

The 3.3 version leaves out alias but includes LLDP info.

Here's the build info you asked about (this was a fresh install of 3.3 on a brand new switch not yet in production).
sudo dpkg -l | grep nclu
ii nclu 1.0-cl3u5 all Network Command Line Utility

Other than some basic interface alias & vlan associations there is very little configured on this switch - it's just simple L2 other than having a mgmt-vrf defined but I saw the 15 second or so delay before adding the vrf as well. At first I thought the command was hanging & I wasn't waiting long enough for it to return information.

~$ net show ver
DISTRIB_ID="Cumulus Linux"
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Cumulus Linux 3.3.0"
:~$ decode-syseeprom
TlvInfo Header:
Id String: TlvInfo
Version: 1
Total Length: 159
TLV Name Code Len Value
-------------------- ---- --- -----
Product Name 0x21 15 4610-54P-O-AC-F
Part Number 0x22 13 FP1ZZ5654001A
Serial Number 0x23 12 EC1636000609
Base MAC Address 0x24 6 8C:EA:1B:20:C5:00
Manufacture Date 0x25 19 09/21/2016 16:28:26
Label Revision 0x27 3 R01
Platform Name 0x28 23 arm-accton_as4610_54-r0
ONIE Version 0x29 13 2016.05.00.03
MAC Addresses 0x2A 2 55
Manufacturer 0x2B 6 Accton
Manufacture Country 0x2C 2 TW
Vendor Name 0x2D 8 Edgecore
Diag Version 0x2E 5 001.9
CRC-32 0xFE 4 0x2DD35DC3
(checksum valid)

I see the same behavior on the EdgeCore 5812's as well.

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I definitely don't see near 15 seconds on my switch. Can you share the configuration here? To get started, we can capture the following:
  • sudo ifquery -a
  • net show interface all
Or if you prefer, please open a case with support and upload a cl-support from a switch, and we can continue forward there.
I'll just go ahead & open a support case & reference this thread - probably easier to give you the entire support file. Thanks for the help Nick.