Upcoming network control system in Debian "stretch"

  • 17 September 2015
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Hi all,
I just read in LWN about the implementation of systemd in Debian ( https://lwn.net/Articles/657345/ ). Near the end of the article was this sentence:

Another upcoming change is support for networkd, a lean interface for bringing up and taking down network interfaces. Pitt noted that there have been a lot of questions about whether networkd is meant to replace NetworkManager. It is not, he explained; rather, it is akin to ifupdown in its scope.
Do you know if "networkd" incorporates any changes from your "ifupdown2" package?

4 replies

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At this time there is no incorporation in this package. That being said, patches are being accepted and the future could bring this change.
+1 to what scott already said. While networkd does not incorporate any changes from ifupdown2, we have had talks with networkd developers to see how we can make networkd work with ifupdown/ ifupdown2. This will evolve while networkd evolves. We will continue working with the debian project on ifupdown/ifupdown2 and future networkd.

From what we know, networkd is still in the works (It is optimized for container environments), it will not be replacing an existing network manager on debian yet. We will see how this will evolve.
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OK, great... Sounds to me like its the systemd equivalent of ifupdown, and maybe replacing it at some point... What's the joke again?
systemd walks into a bar.
Shoots bar owner.
Renames bar to systemd.
I wonder sometimes if a mainstream Linux distro such as Debian will pick up your work, since it's more for systems with many network interfaces (such as switches) rather than the typical server system. I do hope they will incorporate your innovations.
love the joke 🙂. We are working on making ifupdown2 available in debian (It is currently in the upload queue waiting to be accepted). Whether it will become the default network interface manager , is debatable. Like you correctly say ifupdown2 today is optimized for switch world problems. And other network interface managers part of debian are optimized for desktops and container environments.
Currently Network Manager is the default network interface manager in latest debian. It has a plugin for ifupdown. We will be watching and working with debian and lets see how this plays for us. We will evaluate networkd for sure in the future when it is more ready. For now, getting ifupdown2 available in debian repo is our top priority. thanks!