Upgrade to 3.7.12 breaks systemd networking.service

We’re preparing for an upgrade from Cumulus 3.7.3 to 3.7.12 and doing initial testing in a virtual environment using CumulusVX. After running the following


sudo apt update

sudo apt dist-upgrade

sudo reboot


the OS comes up without any network configuration. We noticed that the networking.service was not running. A workaround we’ve come up with is to comment out the following in /lib/systemd/system/networking.service




Then after a


sudo systemctl daemon-reload

sudo reboot


the network comes up again on reboot. But it seems like this is a bug in the systemd configuration for 3.7.12.


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Hmmm... Personally, I would open a GSS support case on this issue to confirm something else didn’t go wrong with the upgrade I know we directly test upgrade scenarios to the current release. Were you coming from a really old release or could there be something else unusual at play here? Which release was being upgraded from?

I can open a GSS support case, I just like to start here in case the surrounding discussion is useful for others.


We are upgrading from Cumulus 3.7.3. To try and make sure this is not an issue with the way our systems configure Cumulus, I created a simple topology with just 1 Cumulus VX 3.7.3 switch connected to two VMs. No additional configuration was made besides adding a user for remote access. I then did the upgrade procedure outlined in my original post and rebooted to find no active network configuration and the networking.service having not run.

fwiw: here’s a simple Ansible playbook that effectively works around this issue.

by the way, the code block tool here seems to make it impossible to post well formed yaml as it is doing some sort of whitespace post processing. Just being able to use markdown in the forums would be nice.