user login prompt differs from cumulus

  • 1 November 2018
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Out of all the switches in my network that are 3.6.2 (and various minor iterations up and down from that a bit), one or two have this strange...problem? :
When logging in with a defined username, the CLI prompt looks like this: \u@\h:mgmt-vrf:\w$
but when I log in with the 'cumulus' username on the same switch:
cumulus@HOSTNAME:mgmt-vrf:~$ (HOSTNAME is used to redact actual device hostname)
Now, other switches also on mgmt vrf look to have 'normal' cli prompt, e.g.:

Also, with this \u@\h:mgmt-vrf:\w$ prompt, I cannot tab out NCLU commands, or use the up-arrow to recall previously typed commands.

If this is something someone else has experience and fixed before, please let me know!

1 reply

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I'm going to guess that your .bash* files no longer match those in /etc/skel on the platform that's having problems, for the username account that has issues. Or that you've changed the PAM files on that platform.