What is the recommended way to connect trunk between Cumulus Linux switch and Cisco 4500x

  • 6 October 2017
  • 2 replies

The VLAN-aware bridge mode only currently supports RSTP, Cisco 4500X use PVRSTP+.
What is the recommended way to solve that?

2 replies

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On the cisco side create your trunk, and be sure to add vlan 1 to the switchport trunk allowed list. This will allow the IEEE RSTP BPDUs into the cisco trunk. The cisco side will recognize the standards-based switch and interoperate. Remember the spanning-tree on the cumulus side will not honor any of the per-vlan STP topologies, only vlan 1.
hi Mr Jason

my name anto summary .

I have new switch SSE-G3648B cumulus linux on my office,,

I am confused how to set mode trunk core switch type catalyst 403 to switch cumulus linux type SSE-G3648B.
i have any 3 vlan 70,71,72.

please help me
how to configure?