Cumulus Quagga VRF BGP Redistribute

Would appreciate some help with below:
I am trying to redistribute BGP between the main BGP process on host and a BGP process running in the VRF. i.e

BGP <---------------->BGP MAIN--redistribute--BGP VRF1<--------------->BGP

I want a route from Neigh 2 to be received by the BGP process in VRF1 and redistributed into the main BGP process which can then advertise to Neigh 1.
Does anyone know how this can be done?
I tried redistributing directly from the route table but don't seem to get anything.

Doing this using Ubuntu 16.04,kernel 4.8 and Cumlus Quagga

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We currently do not support redistributing prefixes between the main routing table and a VRF. I suspect we'll add this support at some point in the future, but the timing will most likely be determined by customer need. If you are a current customer, discussing your use-case with your account team and having them add it to a feature request would be a good start.