Layer 3 to Host

  • 29 June 2016
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With layer 3 to the host are we still expected to use overlay networks or is there another technology or design you would suggest? In the Midwest I have yet to see a company even use Overlay since they use L2 between all hosts.

2 replies

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For segmentation with routing on the host the best option would be VxLAN directly from the server. Using modern VxLAN offload NICs this can be done without any performance penalty.

If VxLAN to the server isn't an option and multi tenancy is required then VxLAN at the top of rack would be the best option.
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I spend a lot of time working in the Midwest. I agree that there are a lot of L2 networks out there, but I promise you there is a decent footprint of overlay networking being used in the belt buckle. It's just not well advertised.