MLAG setup with LACP configured host machine connect

  • 2 December 2016
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I am trying to config two switch with LACP configured host machine connected

with reference to sample setup

where host1 is direct connected to host machine

MLAG is successful setup but however I found the bond host1 was keep done. Where which I wrong configured?


------------------- config --------------------
auto peerlink
iface peerlink
bond-slaves swp1 swp2

auto peerlink.4094
iface peerlink.4094
clagd-priority 4096
clagd-sys-mac 44:38:39:ff:00:01

auto host1
iface host1
bond-slaves swp3
clag-id 2
mstpctl-portadminedge yes
mstpctl-bpduguard yes

auto br0
iface br0
bridge-vlan-aware yes
bridge-ports host1 peerlink
bridge-stp on
bridge-vids 10-15
bridge-pvid 1
bridge-allow-untagged yes

auto br0.1
iface br0.1
address-virtual 00:00:5e:00:01:01

auto br0.10
iface br0.10
address-virtual 00:00:5e:00:01:02

--------------- status check -------------------------------

# netshow interface

Name Speed MTU Mode Summary
-- ------------- ------- ----- ------------- ----------------------------------------
UP lo N/A 65536 Loopback IP:, ::1/128
UP eth0 1G 1500 Mgmt IP:
UP swp1 1G 1500 BondMember Master: peerlink(UP)
UP swp2 1G 1500 BondMember Master: peerlink(UP)
UP swp3 1G 1500 BondMember Master: host1(DN)
UP br0 N/A 1500 Bridge/L2 Untagged Members: host1, peerlink
802.1q Tag: Untagged
STP: RootSwitch(32768)
Vlan Aware Bridge
UP br0.1 N/A 1500 SVI/L3 IP:,
UP br0.10 N/A 1500 SVI/L3 IP:,
DN host1 N/A 1500 Bond/Trunk Bond Members: swp3(UN) <-----------
Untagged VLAN: 1
VLANS: 10-15
UP mgmt N/A 65536 Interface/L3 IP:
UP peerlink 2G 1500 Bond/Trunk Bond Members: swp1(UP), swp2(UP)
Untagged VLAN: 1
VLANS: 10-15
UP peerlink.4094 2G 1500 SubInt/L3 IP:

# sudo clagctl
The peer is alive
Our Priority, ID, and Role: 4096 08:00:27🇪🇨82:56 primary
Peer Priority, ID, and Role: 8192 08:00:27:18:3b:3c secondary
Peer Interface and IP: peerlink.4094
Backup IP: (inactive)
System MAC: 44:38:39:ff:00:01

CLAG Interfaces
Our Interface Peer Interface CLAG Id Conflicts Proto-Down Reason
---------------- ---------------- ------- -------------------- -----------------
host1 - 2 - -


3 replies

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I find why because it must require to setup port speed and duplex

auto swp3
iface swp3
link-speed 1000
link-duplex full

may be that must include it under simulate environment.
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It can find some log when I process restart network services at host1

2016-12-05T02:26:19.460207+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Cleanup is executing.
2016-12-05T02:26:19.905427+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Cleanup is finished
2016-12-05T02:26:20.131631+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Beginning execution of clagd version 1.3.0
2016-12-05T02:26:20.132221+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Invoked with: /usr/sbin/clagd --daemon peerlink.4094 44:38:39:ff:00:01 --priority 4096
2016-12-05T02:26:20.203755+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Backup IP has not been configured
2016-12-05T02:26:20.214307+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Role is now secondary
2016-12-05T02:26:20.536378+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Initial config loaded
2016-12-05T02:27:47.280165+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: The peer switch is active.
2016-12-05T02:27:47.293940+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Role is now primary; elected
2016-12-05T02:27:48.870071+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Initial data sync to peer done.
2016-12-05T02:27:49.318791+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Initial data sync from peer done.
2016-12-05T02:27:49.319053+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Initial handshake done.

------- network service restart at host1 ----------------

2016-12-05T03:53:14.552890+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Conflict (host1): LACP partner MAC mismatch
2016-12-05T03:53:16.506180+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: host1 is now dual connected.
2016-12-05T03:53:16.506451+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: Conflict cleared (host1): LACP partner MAC is no longer mismatched
2016-12-05T03:54:46.802009+00:00 cumulus clagd[954]: host1 is no longer dual connected.


Additional I running it under Cumulus VX with GNS3. Does there are any limitation?

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Have you looked in /var/log/clagd.log to see what it says about the host1 link? The configuration looks correct.