CLI from host to Cumulus Vx vm

  • 27 July 2016
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hi, I have set up a cumulus vx on my host using the KVM and done the switch settings.
My cumulus VM is powering on and I am able to pass on the commands mentioned in the user guide when I am inside the VM.
Is there a way I can pass the same commands out side of the VM? May be from the host on which the VM is running?

1 reply

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So my question is what is your end goal here? What are you trying to accomplish? There are a couple ways this can be done:

1. By using ssh commands to push a single line into the VM.
   ssh cumulus@vm-ip-address cat /etc/network/interfaces
2. Ansible can be used to do the samething just from the ansible code
3. You can create a Virsh Console