"Connecting" a virtual machine to a Cumulus VX Switch

  • 3 June 2016
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I'm using VMware workstation as my test environment for Cumulus VX and I was wondering how do you connect a VM to the Cumulus VX switch VM? I see that VX has by default 8 virtual NIC's which are all Bridged. In order to connect VM's to the switch would I create 8 different LAN segments within VMware Workstation one for each of the switches network adapters and then attach the VM's to those LAN segments one by one?

1 reply

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Minimally each VX port would connect to a different broadcast domain, emulating a point to point ethernet connection. This would be done with 8 vSwitches, each including one host port and one vx port. I recall something in ESX that will cause a problem for tagged frames, if you plan on trunking between VX and other virtual devices, but I can't recall exactly what the caveat is there.