Converting Cumulus VX VirtualBox Vagrant Box to a Libvirt Vagrant Box

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  • Download Cumulus VX Vagrant box from Cumulus Networks Website Download page at
  • Install vagrant-mutate. Instructions found at
    $ apt-get install qemu-utils libvirt-dev $ vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt $ vagrant plugin install vagrant-mutate
  • Execute vagrant mutate
     $ vagrant mutate libvirt
  • Run "vagrant box list" to confirm that it was installed
    $ Downloads  vagrant box list centos7                           (libvirt, 0) cumulus-253-2s                    (libvirt, 0) cumulus-vx-2.5.4-fe760348e9fccfb1 (libvirt, 0) <=== Installed
  • To rename the box, go to $HOME/.vagrant.d/boxes and change the name to something better
    $ cd $HOME/.vagrant.d/boxes $ mv cumulus-vx-2.5.4-fe760348e9fccfb1 cumulus-vx-2.5.4 $ vagrant box list centos7           (libvirt, 0) cumulus-253-2s    (libvirt, 0) cumulus-vx-2.5.4  (libvirt, 0) <== Renamed! cumulus.253       (libvirt, 0)

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