Copy Paste not working on Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager for Cumulus VX

Anyone had this problem? I followed oracle guide installing the Guest Additions supposed to be the only needed part but no way!.
Note copy paste work for a normal ubuntu installed as VM but not for cumulus VX.
I appreciate if someone sloved this issue.
Plz help me cause typing all commands it's kind a lost of time especially on 6 cloned machine

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Hi Tony:

I don't believe we have support for the guest addditions in Cumulus. However if you want to get copy-and-paste functionality, there are two options
  1. Access the Cumulus VX via SSH.
  2. Access Cumulus VX via Telnet Serial Console. For this, in virtualbox, go to Settings > Ports and click Enable Serial Port on Port 1. Choose Port Mode TCP, and make sure that "Connect to existing pipe" is set to NO. Enter a port number in Path/Address such as 10000, then from a terminal or Putty, use telnet to access port 10000.

It works, I would say. I initially had similar problems. Put on VBOX. Then go to home on your command line. if you have installed the VMs, disable USB support on them, cos this creae a lot of problems to rectify. in my case I had to reinstall the VM. from home on command line, issue the copy and paste.. " Tada" ... it works