Cumulus VX and GNS3

  • 17 January 2019
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I installed the Cumulus VX 3.7.2 appliance in GNS3 2.1.11, but the instructions for configuring don't work. I am following Is this the right guide? I then followed the KVM/Qemu section at It fails trying to install libvirt because the apt-add-repository command cannot be found. Any help is greatly appreciated.

3 replies

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That's the correct guide. But the command you want to use is `add-apt-repository` (not `apt-add-repository`)
I tried both. I tried add-apt-repository and then flipped it since the other apt commands follow a similar format. Both of them reported command not found. Am I doing something wrong? Does it matter that I'm running GNS3 inside VM Workstation Pro 15? VM Workstation Pro 15 is running inside Win10, which is running on VM Fusion 11. I originally tried getting Cumulus running on my Win10 laptop running Worksation player 15 and 14 and Workstation Pro 15 and 14. . Both had issues so I figured I would try this. I have seen posts where people said they got it working, but I followed these instructions and cannot get it to work because of this issue with installing libvirt. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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One of our systems engineers mentioned that GNS3 provides a whole Cumulus VX experience in a single appliance. No need for VMware.