CUMULUS VX Configuration

  • 22 March 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi All,

I want to know how I can configure cumulus vx as a switch and I have to connect it to few vms. I am building a small lab where I have 1 pfsense virtual router, 1 cumulus VX switch and 2 VMS behind the switch. All vms are on virtual box

2 replies

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If you're using Virtualbox you can manually tweak the virtual network settings from the different interfaces to connect to different private networks, using the private networks like you would a point-to-point link.
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@pooja_shukla10, you can install FRRouting on the 2 VMs and connect them to the switch via layer 3. See the HostPack docs on installing and configuring FRR. And the Cumulus VX documentation should help you with getting started. I hope this helps!