cumulus vx with vsphere unable to enable more than 3 swp

i have setup 2L and 2S topology over ospf using vsphere, all my configuration is up and running but when i try to add/configure few more swp it does not show up in the configuration
currently i only have 4 ports

now when i try configure swp4/swp5 or swp6 i am able to configure it but i do not see them under
netshow interface all

Is this some limitation with cumulus vx that we can only enable first 3 swp ports ?

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Vx has no limitations like that. I've configured 200 ports in VX before.... But the catch is that you need to add the ports in the hypervisor to be able to configure them in the VM. The ports need to be added to the VM before it is booted for them to be accessible in the VM (you can't add them once the VM is already up).
Thanks Eric for the quick response
i was trying to add the interfaces when the vm's were up and hence i was only seeing eth ports being added although i was not able to enable to configure them
now that as you suggested i powered off the vm, added more ports to it and powered up it again to configure swp's, and yes i am seeing more swp's