CumulusVx Lab - VirtualBox limits the number of slots to 8


I am trying to build a cumulus lab on vagrant with virtual box and I get the following message:

"There is no available slots on the VirtualBox VM for the configuredhigh-level network interfaces. "private_network" and "public_network"
network configurations consume a single network adapter slot on the
VirtualBox VM. VirtualBox limits the number of slots to 8, and it
appears that every slot is in use. Please lower the number of used
network adapters."

Is there any way to increase this limitation? With KVM I also have the same limitation of only 8 slots.


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Virtualbox limits to 36 interfaces, and libvirt has no limits. What versions of Virtualbox, Cumulus VX and vagrant do you possess in your environment?
Hi Eric,

I have tried in a Windows Server with these versions:

Cumulus VX: 3.2.1
Virtualbox: 5.1.18
Vagrant: 1.9.7

And in my computer too, with the same result:

Cumulus VX: 3.2.1
Virtualbox: 5.0.30
Vagrant: 1.8.6

Then, the only solution is to move to KVM?

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Are you using a known working Vagrantfile from Cumulus?
Fixed. I have upgraded box and now works fine