dhcp fixed address based on chassis serial number

  • 21 June 2017
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dhcp fixed address based on chassis serial number

We know we can reserve fixed address in isc-dhcp-server based on device mac.
IETF shows serial number could be supplied as part of dhcp-client-identifier options in the DHCPREQ.
Did cumulus implement this with serial number?
The goal is, trying to assign hostname to device based on serial number, using DHCP.
If this is not possible, then has anyone done similar thing using ZTP with CUMULUS-SERIAL option within the HTTP-REQ headers?

1 reply

Currently we don't have a way to send the serial number in the DHCP request. There is an open feature request to add some more info in the DHCP request. I added the serial number to that request.

On the ZTP question, there are folks that are using the ZTP HTTP headers, although I am not aware of a customer using serial number.

For this to work the ztp url would need to be a CGI script, where the content of the response is generated on the fly. The content could be tailored to contain a unique hostname based on the CUMULUS-SERIAL header. Then the ztp script could set the hostname when it executes.

Note there was a bug with the serial number being incorrect in the ZTP http request. That bug is resolved in 3.3.1.