Does Cumulus Linux can be used in Dell S4820T Switch and Supports OpenFlow for integrating with SDN Controller?


We are considering Dell S4820T for our switching infrastructure. I can see this switch is not in supported hardware list. Let me know this switch is supported.

Also, I can see some post says cumulus does not integrate with SDN controllers or supports OpenFlow protocol. Is this is true?.

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That switch is not on the support roadmap, a an alternative we are supporting the Dell 4048T and the Edge-Core AS5812T. Let us know if we can help you with either of these.

And as for SDN and Openflow, it is correct that we do not support Openflow but we do interface with SDN controllers in certain use cases.
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Praveen, any reason why you are choosing OpenFlow instead of a much more scalable overlay solution?

HI Andrius,

We already have HP procurve infrastructure with OpenFlow and SDN controller configured. Thinking of adding dell switches with cumulus linux on our access layer and control it with OpenFlow SDN controller.
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Hi Praveen - due to OpenFlow's known technical limitations, it isn't supported as Scott stated above. There are numerous alternatives depending on what you're trying to accomplish, and our sales team can help if you are already engaging the Dell Open Networking sales team. I know this doesn't sound like a great answer, but there could be more to this story that we an help and migrate you off OpenFlow to future-proof your network. Hope this helps! 🙂
Hi Andrius,

I am aware of OpenFlow limitation and thats the reason I am looking for some alternative and I ended up with cumulus. I am very much aware that I can use Cumulus linux with my DevOps tool like Chef/Puppet/Ansible and turn it to a complete SDN solution.

Right now, I am just doing a research to find solution that suites our requirement and will be doing POC to my team. Cumulus is already in our consideration and also we are in touch with Dell who is our longtime vendor. Ill update the status to you very soon.

I might definitely need a expert advice from you guys once I start bringing cumulus in my network!!!
Hi Andrius/Scott,

Does Dell 3048-ON support Cumulus OS?. Your supported hardware list says it does support. But there is a mismatch data. You have mentioned that 3048 ON contain 4X10G SFP ports. But, dell site says, it is 4 X 10GBE. Please refer the link below:
Hi Andrius/Scott,

Does Dell 3048-ON support Cumulus OS?. Your supported hardware list says it do...
I've successfully installed CL3.0 on a 3048 switch, and yes it has 4X10G SFP+ interfaces, not tried out the stacking function which might be an interesting function.
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We do support that switch. I will look into the description differences.
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Hey Scott, do you guys have any plans in the future to support the Dell 3048-ON?
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B, We already support the 3048-ON.
how to get one cumulus linux trial version if i have one DELL S4048T-ON switch?