Error while trying to add swp4 or swp5 to Cumulus VX in vmware workstation on Windows 10

  • 2 March 2019
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I am using cumulus vx 3.7.3 on vmware workstation on Windows 10.
I am able to use eth0, swp1-swp3. But I am not able to use swp4 or swp5.
I have added additional 2 (total 6 adapters) Ethernet interfaces in vmware workstation while vm was down. But I am not able to use swp4 or swp5.

cumulus@CumulusVX-leaf1:~$ sudo netshow int all

Name Speed MTU Mode Summary
-- ------ ------- ----- ------------ -------------------------------------
UP lo N/A 65536 Loopback IP:,, ::1/128
UP eth0 1G 1500 Mgmt IP:
UP swp1 1G 1500 Interface/L3 IP:
UP swp2 1G 1500 Interface/L3 IP:
UP swp3 1G 1500 Interface/L3 IP:

My /etc/network/interface is as below
# The primary network interface
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

auto swp1
iface swp1

auto swp2
iface swp2

auto swp3
iface swp3

auto swp4
iface swp4

auto swp5
iface swp5

If I try to add, I get following error:

cumulus@CumulusVX-leaf1:/etc/network$ net add interface swp4 ip address
ERROR: swp4 is not a physical interface on this switch.

Can anyone please help me or tell me where I am going wrong.


3 replies

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Can you verify that the new interfaces are using the same emulated hardware type? I've seen stuff like this happen in the past due to using a different kind of emulated hardware for the new ports... Cumulus ships with virtio drivers and so other hardware types won't be recognized.
Thanks Eric
Could you please tell me how to verify new interfaces are using the same emulated hardware type in vmware workstation.
As per my knowledge it uses same emulated hardware. Please suggest.
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Unfortunately I cannot offer specific advice as I don't use any Vmware products but the concept holds true in Virtualbox and KVM both of which offer the ability to specify a driver/hardware type for an interface.

Perhaps someone else who uses those can chime-in.