Having Issues connecting Workstation + GNS3 for CumulusVX VMs

Hello Community,

I have VMWare Workstation 11.1.2 HyperV and trying to integrate with GNS3 to run Cumulus VX 4 switch topology (2 spine and 2 leafs). I couldn't find a good step-by-step document that takes us into building the layer2 and layer3 topologies. I would really appreciate if someone can send any workstation+ GNS3 document for VX. I am getting an error when try opening VMWare VM (supposedly connected) via GNS3. When I open the VMs directly from Workstation, they open just fine, but trying to build a topology for OSPFv2/v3 and having issues.

Any guidance for the newbie much appreciated!


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Hi Taran,

It is not really clear what is being attempted here. You should be able to run the GNS3 VM locally on your PC using virtualization software such as VMware Workstation or Virtualbox. I am not sure what the need for HyperV is here. Once the GNS3 VM is running, you should be able to load the CumulusVX template, and create a topology. As I understand it, the GNS3 software should create all of the virtual connections. Then, using the Cumulus Docs, configure the switches. You will have to use NCLU or some debian linux knowledge to bring the interfaces up, configure addressing, and configure the routing.

Alternately, I would urge you to try using Vagrant with Virtualbox to build topologies. We have the pre-built cldemo-vagrant setup on our github site. Though this has no GUI, and requires a little more work to set up, but learning vagrant is definitely worth it in the long run for serious network modeling, and testing.