how to get list of tagged and untagged vlans? is there a command to create tagged vlans?

Is there a command available to get list of tagged and untagged vlans? is there a command to create vlans by specifying the type 'tagged/untagged'?. Sorry if this is a naïve question. Though I could understand the difference between tagged/untagged vlan, I am unable to get the list of tagged vlans or list of untagged vlans.

thanks in advance!

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If using the vlan-aware bridge you can use "bridge vlan show" or better yet "bridge -c vlan show"
Thanks a lot Sean. Is it necessary to have bridge for vlan? could it be directly on physical port wihout bridge? In that case, is there any command? Sorry, if my questions are naïve.
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A VLAN is a layer 2 broadcast domain that happens to carry a relevant "tag" (802.1q number) In traditional linux you just had a layer 2 bridge (layer 2 broadcast domain) that you could tag or untag as you saw fit.

To give Linux functionality similar to incumbent vendor designs there is now the VLAN-aware bridge where you create 1 bridge that you can then configured hundreds (if not thousands) of VLANs. Either way you need a bridge, by far the most common our customers use is the VLAN-aware bridge.

Check out the config differences here:

For most people just think bridge==VLAN, just linux talk 🙂 Its a bit more complicated than that... but in reality it is very simple config.
Thanks a lot for the time and explanation Sean.