I have two images named "cumulus-install-amd64.bin" and "CumulusLinux-x.y.z-amd64.bin". What is the difference between them?

  • 14 July 2015
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I have two images named "cumulus-install-amd64.bin" and "CumulusLinux-2.5.3-amd64.bin". They are the same size, same processor type, same version of Cumulus Linux, but different contents.

What is the difference between them?

When do I use one and when do I use the other?

Why is there a difference between the two?

3 replies

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So what you need to do is look at and verify the hash of the files. You want to use the one that matches the file provided to you in the download site. The difference could be different commit times, errant download, improper upload, or any number of items.
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Thanks for moving this to the enablement forum! It seems like this question might only be relevant to employees.

Internally, I see four "released" images of 2.5.3 on behemoth1, two for ppc and two for amd64:
steven@jump-01:/mnt/behemoth1/customers_delivered_releases/2.5/2.5.3/build_20150601181714_22e6f85/build/images$ ls -1s *amd64.bin*  145468 cumulus-install-amd64.bin       4 cumulus-install-amd64.bin.sha1  145468 CumulusLinux-2.5.3-amd64.bin       4 CumulusLinux-2.5.3-amd64.bin.sha1  steven@jump-01:/mnt/behemoth1/customers_delivered_releases/2.5/2.5.3/build_20150601181714_22e6f85/build/images$ ls -1s *powerpc.bin*  102820 cumulus-install-powerpc.bin       4 cumulus-install-powerpc.bin.sha1  102820 CumulusLinux-2.5.3-powerpc.bin       4 CumulusLinux-2.5.3-powerpc.bin.sha1  steven@jump-01:/mnt/behemoth1/customers_delivered_releases/2.5/2.5.3/build_20150601181714_22e6f85/build/images$
Here we have both cumulus-install-amd64.bin and CumulusLinux-2.5.3-amd64.bin which are the same size with different checksums. Likewise for the ppc images.

Based on the filename and md5sum, I can see "CumulusLinux-2.5.3-amd64.bin" matches the x86 image customers can download at the support site. So what's that "cumulus-install-amd64.bin" image for, why is it different?
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The cumulus-install is the internal release and has the root password and internal configs. The CumulusLinux is external customer release.