netconf agent support

just wondering if we will be able to pull/push config to cumuluxVX using netconf?

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Unfortunately netconf is not supported on Cumulus today.

The nice thing about being a linux distribution is that there are several implementations of netconf that are working to target linux servers such as netopeer --> with a little work (ok maybe a lot of work) something like this could be made to run on Cumulus. They already claim to support Debian which is half the battle.

Despite not supporting netconf, all aspects of the box can be configured remotely using automation tools like ansible/puppet/chef.
Does it support netconf yet
Does it support netconf yetShort answer: no, not yet.
Long answer: we've looked heavily into this and are investigating adding YANG modeling into the product; NETCONF the protocol isn't yet committed. That is, a YANG model with (say) a REST interface should hopefully give customers what they are looking for. Feel free to ping your account team to make sure your ask is covered, though.