Primary/Secondary Images

  • 24 January 2017
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Is there a dual boot procedure if the primary image fails?

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You question is a little nebulous. What do you mean by "image"? Cumulus Linux is a full OS installed on a storage partition. If the OS install encounters an error, then you would troubleshoot it like any other linux system.
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Dual boot between different versions of Cumulus. Let's just say Cumulus 3.2 failed for some reason or we just wanted to role back to a lower version, could we theoretically have 3.1 as a backup to boot from?
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What you can do in this case is leverage the BTRFS snapshot mechanism. Load 3.1, get it all working, then use "snapper" to create a system snapshot. After upgrading to 3.2 using "apt-get upgrade", test stuff out. If there is a need to rollback, you can revert the system to the 3.1 snapshot.