Running Cumulus VX on MS Hyper-V

  • 5 August 2015
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I managed to conver the VMDK in the OVA file of Cumulus VX and it runs smoothly on my HyperV box (and for me it's useful/important to use HV) but unfortunately there is no trace of hv_* modules that are required to mount the vNICs. Also the legacy adapter fails to load (notice that I managed to use even pfSense on HV).

Now how can I get these modules? do you have any suggestions about either rebuilding the kernel or ship an HV friendly image?


7 replies

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I honestly have no idea 😉 Do you have any good documentation on how the converter creates those modules ?
In the kernel compilation process it is possible to include hyperv modules. Here is the first pointer I found
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If you want to try rebuilding the kernel, you can grab the source from debian and apply the patches here - (the ones for 2.5.3) and in theory it *should* work. I'm really curious now 🙂
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Have you tried the Integration Services installation process?

Assuming that process allows you to compile the modules, rather than simply providing pre-compiled modules for specific kernels, that may work. You may need to install the Linux kernel headers first.
The problem is that since from kernel 2.6.32 hyper-v modules are part of the Linux kernel it is difficult to find update drivers outside it (though they are on github). So I guess the real question now I have is: how should I configure a wheezy kernel for Cumulus VX? My understanding is that I should use the oss distribution to patch the kernel source code and the build.

bash script that worked on Cumulus Linux 1.5.2 to apply the patch stack from to the Debian source kernel deb. Haven't tested this since 1.5.2, so ymmv, but this should give a general idea on approach.
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@antonio were you able to get this working with Trapier's script? There are other people that are interested in VX on HyperV