single image with conversion instructions for each hypervisor

instead of separate downloads, is it possible to offer users a single vx image such as an iso, and provide instructions to users for converting it to what ever format they want, based on the hypervisor they use?

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In theory it is possible. Internally I believe we start with the qcow2 image for KVM and then convert/massage that into everything else. So really it's a matter of posting the build process with nice human readable explanations. Since we already go through the trouble of building so many different flavors can I ask what the goal is?
no goal as such, thought that would keep it simple, if there isn't any hypervisor specific addons to the image
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Nothing proprietary by any means, the procedure for converting various image types is relatively straight forward if not a bit hard to find documentation on around the internet. It is a bit much for lots of folks to chew so it's easier for folks to consume if we do it. If you have any specific questions about the process I can find an answer for you. Feel free to check our packer repo here which was the source of the initial port for our engineering team when we started to build vagrant images.