Support multi VLAN aware bridge

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While studying VLAN aware mode

It mentioned

"You can configure both VLAN-aware and traditional mode bridges on the same network in Cumulus Linux; however you should not have more than one VLAN-aware bridge on a given switch"

So I would like to check even latest version of Cumulus 3.2.x is still same?

If yes, If my design have multi bridge in single switch. Only one VLAN-aware is allowed and others I need to setup using traditional mode bridge?


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Yes currently only one VLAN aware bridge can be configured. Can you explain your use case for multiple bridges?
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Simply draw a network diagram and post here.

All running L2 environment.

Leaf1 and Leaf2 is a pair of MLAG1
Leaf3 and Leaf4 is a pair of MLAG2
Leaf5 and Leaf6 is a pair of MLAG3

Please take care those VLAN allow passing thru between MLAG1 - MLAG2 is different to MLAG2 - MLAG3

Let's concentrate at Leaf3 config. Simply edit the important part I think

auto bridge01
iface bridge01
alias Bridge between MLAG1
bridge-ports peerlink server3 server4
bridge-pvid 1
bridge-vids 10 20 30 40
bridge-vlan-aware yes
mstpctl-treeprio 32768

auto server3
iface server3
bond-salves swp21
clag-id 1000
bridge-vids 10 30

auto server4
iface server4
bond-salves swp22
clag-id 1001
bridge-vids 20 60

auto peerlink
iface peerlink
bond-slaves swp31 swp32

auto peerlink.4090
iface peerlink.4090

auto bridge02
iface bridge02
alias Bridge between MLAG3
***** how to config? *****

I put 'bridge-vlan-aware yes' which it used connect to MLAG1.

But now I am no idea between MLAG2 - MLAG3 bridge how to setup.