Unable to install Melloanox ConnectX4/5 drivers on Cumulus VX

  • 24 October 2018
  • 2 replies


I am trying to assign Mellanox ConnectX4/5 NIC to a Cumulus VX, using the passthrough option. However, I am unable to install the drivers.

Have you ever faced this issue?
Which NICs are supported on Cumulus VX?


2 replies

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As far as I know we support the Virtio Drivers and the Intel e1000 drivers. You would not be able to load a Mellanox NIC on a real Cumulus switch so we would not have any need to carry those drivers.

Is there are reason you're trying to do this in VX? Do those Virtual NIC drivers offer something special?
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That's not going to work, you'd need to build the Mellanox NIC drivers against the CL kernel, and then install them into VX. Lot of work, and may not even be successful (we may not have other things enabled in the VX kernel that the drivers need).

The way things are set up, we expect the hypervisor to provide any networking, and VX just uses virtio.

Is there some particular feature of the Mellanox NICs that you are trying to use or simulate? They wouldn't ever be present on any actual switch platform.