• 13 September 2019
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How can i change username and password in cumulus switch ?

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You can use regular Linux commands to create new user accounts and set their passwords. You can change the cumulus account password with the passwd command.

Follow along here (and if you do create a new account, follow the link in the page below t the NCLU chapter to add the user to the correct groups to use NCLU commands):
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@Pete B and @thomaswar.chakma , the other thing to remember is that if the new account is to be allowed to run sudo, it needs to be a member of the group 'sudo'. That can be done after the other portions of creating the account are done with the following command (Pete, we should add this to the page you cited, and probably to the other page it links to (

sudo adduser THENEWUSERNAME sudo

This is also a way to add an existing user account to the netshow and netedit groups for nclu