VLAN L3 interface configuration on both leafs with EVPN

  • 20 October 2018
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I deployed a typical spine/leaf network where I have not connected the leafs to each other...

Now I have one server (VMware ESXi) with two physical interfaces and interface one is connected to leaf 1 and interface two is connected to leaf 2.

Both interfaces towards the server should be trunks and I want to use EVPN.

Now my question:
If I want to use the leaf as my L3 termination point (L3 gateway) I need to configure something like VRRP to make sure the gateway IP can move in case of any failures. Can this be done in combination with EVPN?

1 reply

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Yes this is possible. I strongly recommend paying for the license to use DVS to leverage the LACP bonding protocol to connect to the Top of Rack switches. If you're not paying for that license, you'll have to configure VM pinning to make sure some VMs always use specific links which is more work.