What are the differences between VX and full Cumulus Linux

  • 7 August 2015
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Other than no 'switchd' service on #Cumulus VX... Is there a list of other differences between actual NOS & VX ?

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4 replies

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From the Cumulus VX Documentation:

Comparisons with Cumulus LinuxCumulus VX includes all the control plane elements of Cumulus Linux but does not have an actual ASIC or NPU for line rate performance or hardware acceleration. Essentially, switchd is not a part of Cumulus VX.
Thus, Cumulus VX is not a production-ready virtual switch or virtual router. It isn't meant to run on production switches or carry production data traffic.
That said, you can use tools like jdoo in Cumulus VX to monitor the virtual switch, the same automation and zero touch provisioning tools, as well as security and QoS tools.
However, tools that interact with switchd, like cl-cfg, and other hardware management tools, are not available.
In addition, you cannot upgrade the Cumulus VX operating system using apt-get upgrade|update or use ONIE. A new image is available with every Cumulus VX release. However, you can use apt-get to install additional software packages, whether they are Cumulus Linux-specific or Debian-specific.

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Thanks, Scott - makes sense... Just was trying to learn CL by reading the official docs, and noted some differences.
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I've actually expanded on the differences in the tech docs. Check out http://docs.cumulusnetworks.com/display/VX/Comparing+Cumulus+VX+with+Other+Cumulus+Networks+Operatin...

I hope this helps.
Time marches on and so does software. Most of these limitations applied to 2.5 VX. In 3.x VX you can use ONIE to re-install and do upgrades via apt-get and there is a switchd 'stub' process to test automation against.