what do i miss because of RN88) (enable SNMP on quagga)

I have read in several release notes (like the latest https://support.cumulusnetworks.com/hc/en-us/articles/216018818-Cumulus-Linux-2-5-6-Release-Notes) that SNMP is not supported on the quagga with cumulus. My question is what i do miss out on, because of this ? First off, the headline "enable SNMP on quagga" is a bit missleading in the release notes anyways, but what i am actually after is using some network monitoring software that is able to troubleshoot and read ospf settings and routing tables off of routers and i want it to work with cumulus as well.

the way my laymans brain does comprehend the release notes
is, that nothing from the quagga sub system can be read via SNMP. Is that true ? are there workarounds?

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What you miss out on is retrieving quagga routing information via SNMP.
And you're right, that is the current situation.

You could use Nagios (http://www.nagios.com) to get this information
or you could also still get it via SNMP by writing a pass persist script
(in Perl or Python) by filling in the OSPF or BGP (rfc) MIBs manually
(or just create your own private one for the information you care about):


--Sam Tannous
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Thanks for those workarounds, Sam! I added them to the RN-88 release note.

And I fixed the header, Jan. Thanks for the feedback.
thank you for this answer

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Jan Bierbrauer wrote:

thank you for this answer

In 3.1, we implemented the two main tables in the BGP4 MIB (and a few other objects). Our docs on SNMP detail this but essentially, this includes the bgpPeerTable and the bgp4PathAttrTable (the path attributes table
can be large so this is not enabled by defaut. Add --include-paths
to the end of the bgp4_pp.py script line in snmpd.conf)

To activate this script, snmpd must be running and this
script should be installed /usr/share/snmp/bgp4_pp.py
and include the following line in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

pass_persist . /usr/share/snmp/bgp4_pp.py

(There were some bugs early on so use version 3.1.3 or later)