Setting Up VRRP between two clag

  • 4 March 2016
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Hi all,

Got at last my IP fabric running, thanks to the cumulus support.
It is composed of 2 spines et 2 clag'ed leafs (4 switches).

IGP is OSPF, in a unumbered config, L2 networks are transported using Vxlans between clag's
In this setup, do you think it is possible to set-up VRRP config from the 2 clags towards provider infra ?
Not taking the split brain issues into account as the clags will have 1 uplink configured.



3 replies

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Hi David,

Cumulus VRR achieves the same thing and is fully supported. However there is a KB article explaining how to configure VRRP if that is preferred.

However, with the Trident2 ASIC, keep in mind the requirement for a physical loopback cable explained here:

Thanks for the feedback.
Beside the Trident2 limitation, this could work on setup I have ?
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As Jason mentioned, I would strongly encourage you to check out VRR. It's very simple conceptually and to configure. Plus it doesn't need to run, yet another, protocol. The documentation for it is here: