What does Cumulus Linux do with the 2 x 20 Gig QSFP stacking ports in the AS4610-54T or AS4610-54P?

  • 7 December 2015
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The 2x20G stacking ports are ignored from port configuration and cannot be accessed from Cumulus Linux.

Please keep in mind that this is different than Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation - MLAG. Cumulus Linux does support MLAG.

1 reply

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Very interesting question and i don't think any Linux switchOS support that feature as of today (I might be totally wrong). But an other question is if Stacking is really something needed. We use to leverage stacking to simplify management (single control plane) and LAG to more than one switch but we can really do everything nowadays with programmability and MLAG. So nice feature to have but not sure i will use it anyway.