understanding processor types and where to use which, performance considerations

  • 12 August 2015
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I have recently started my journey into open networking, and a planning on using
QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY9 as my TOR switching 2 per rack they will deal with normal traffic: VM,ISCSI etc

onto the question this Quanta switch has 2 configurations a P2020 processor or an Intel Rangeley whats the difference is one better than the other. the Rangeley has more Ram and storage but besides that I have not been able to find much guidance on the matter

4 replies

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The type of hardware you use is up to the configuration you have or need in your environment. Both processors are fine chips and run Cumulus very well. The difference is just in the manufacture of the chip. Obviously more Ram and Storage play into it. So our suggestion would be to take a look at your ideal needs and go with the one that best fits it. Our sales team would be glad to assist further if you want to reach out to them at sales@cumulusnetworks.com.
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Jason, to add to what Scott said, I think the biggest decision factor is the difference in x86 vs. PowerPC architecture. Most software is built for x86, so if you chose a PPC model, make sure the software you plan to deploy or write for the switch will work on PPC.
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In addition to processor comparisons, if you are planning to run Cumulus Linux on the switch (and who wouldn't 🙂 ) you should make sure that your switch is supported. The hardware compatibility list can be found here: http://cumulusnetworks.com/support/linux-hardware-compatibility-list/

In your case, Cumulus Linux currently supports the x86 version of the switch, but not the PowerPC version.

And as a general trend, most new switches coming to market are x86 based. It seems like vendors are favoring the x86 over the PowerPC.