What switch should I buy if I want to get 2:1 oversubscription ratio?

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I have a very high bandwidth data center and I need 2:1. It looks like a lot of the 10Gbps switches have only 4 up-links.

(48 downlink ports * 10Gbps = 480 Gbps)
(4 uplink ports * 40Gbps = 160 Gbps)
480 / 160 = 3:1 Oversubscription.

Should I get a 32x40Gbps? Is there breakout cables? Any other options?

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Oh sweet, they make 10Gb switches with 6x40Gbps uplinks! Here is a pic of the Dell S4048-ON

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Dell S4048-ON, Edge-CorE AS5712-54X, Penguin - Arctica 4806XP, SuperMicro X3648S, Quanta QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8, Quanta QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY9 all provide the 2:1 ratio you are looking for in 10Gb switches.