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Add net show vxlan support

  • 17 October 2018
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The net tool is really great, especially with the JSON output for tool integration. However, I am left wondering why the vxlan command family has no show sub-commands. For example if some process in our automation system does the following

net add vxlan vni-47 vxlan local-tunnelip

It would be really nice if another process could come along later and see the state set by that command via

net show vxlan vni-47 json

The following does not contain vxlan information

net show interface vni-47 json

Our current workaround is

ifquery vni-47 -o json

1 reply

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Thanks @Ryan Goodfellow but this is one of those cases where we don't support JSON output in a show command. We're working on it so thanks for being patient and I'm glad you have a workaround!