Campus access layer enhancement

  • 9 April 2016
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Hi folks

since Cumulus supports POE on Edge-Core AS4610P , we have already entered to the campus access market.

In campus access layer there are some required features which currently Cumulus is missing them. it will be great to develop these :

1- POE+ , UPOE
2- Stacking
3- 802.1x

Also the new Bare Metal Wireless Access Point which are introduced by Accton isa good opportunity to discover the campus wired+wireless.

have some kind of wireless controller software in Cumulus linux (similar to Cisco 3850).


2 replies

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Reza, Thanks for this update. At this time we are actively working on several items in relation to this area. I can assure you when we are ready to broach this market we will make our presence known loudly and proudly. Stay tuned!
Stacking sounds too hardware specific ... I'd rather keep independent (ansible) configured switches.

Maybe a loop ring protection local to the decentral patch room like EAPS or EPSR. This daisy chain loop makes best use of limited sfp+ ports on access switches, and limits down the problem of a failed device to just that failed device.