Puppet 3 module for Cumulus License

  • 1 March 2016
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Trap mentioned I should share this to the community so here is my docs on a Puppet3 module for the Cumulus License.


1 reply

Hey Robin. Thanks for the share!

This post bounced around on internal chat yesterday. Relaying some suggestions below. Disclaimer: I'm a Puppet noob (part of why I suggested the share :-)), so this is a pass-through without much qualification:

- Puppet Forge has a license module that might cut the line count https://forge.puppetlabs.com/cumuluslinux
- The current license format does not encode the platform speed, so differentiating for platform speed isn't currently needed (could change in the future). That being said, determining the platform speed when the license is not installed does seem to require apriori knowledge. If you ever need to rack a 10G powerpc switch, mapping speeds to dmidecode Manufacturer and Product Name would give sufficient resolution to uniquely identify a particular model.