User guide running text unreadable

  • 2 August 2017
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Hello Cumulus-team,    I started trying Cumulus Linux. It seemed to me a good startingpoint  would be the "Cumulus Linux 3.3.1 User Guide"[1].    I like reading Documents while beeing on the road, so I downloaded the  PDF. Unfortunatley I have to say that the PDF looks nice on a huge  computer screen, but on a small tablet it's very hard to read due to the  thin typeface chosen.  Due to the slimness of the letters in the running text the font appears  in a light gray and the contrast is not very strong which is tiring the  eyes - especially if you wanna read more than 10 pages.    The font in the boxes with the terminal out-/input by contrast is very  good to read on smaller screens.  The direct comparison between the running text and the text in the boxes  illustrates what I'm trying to say.    Please consider improving the PDF in regards of readability.    Thanks for your effort    Best regards

1 reply

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Thanks for letting us know, Soeren. I'll look into alternative fonts.