Traffic shaping on a physical port

  • 5 November 2015
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How can I shape the traffic on a physical port.

I have 1 Gbps ports and want to allow the host connected on port swp1 only to have 500 Mbps and the host on port swp2 only have 200 Mbps of traffic allowed.

4 replies

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Currently, QoS at this granularity is not supported in Cumulus Linux. An alternate way of implementing this is to configure the shaper on the host side. The data rates you indicated are low enough to be done in software.
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Hey Christian,
On second thought, I was interpreting your question as "traffic shaping" (meaning buffer and smooth out bursts). It is certainly possible to configure rate-limiting (policing) where it caps the ingress bandwidth. This function is handled in the cl-acltool. Please check out this link, and let us know if you have any other questions:
this is 3 yrs old thread, wonder if I can specify bps, instead of pkt rate?
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@Eric Dong if you're using a POLICE ACL, you can use `--set-mode string` to set the mode in KB (kilobytes) or pkt (packets) for rate and burst size.