Access to training videos "Please register to access"

  • 18 April 2019
  • 4 replies

There is a wealth of training media, though for some reason if i try and access the VXLAN video's i get "Please register to access" Though no instruction of where to register... ? I should have all permissions i need?

4 replies

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Could you provide a link to the specific videos you're trying to access?
Hi Eric.. .below are the links; (listed when searching for 'vxlan' from here
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I see what you mean @ConvertedtoCumulus. I just told our web team about it and will get you an answer soon.
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Sorry @ConvertedtoCumulus but you just uncovered a bug in our website flow. These videos are part of our Cumulus Core class series, and unfortunately aren't free. If you go to this page and click Purchase, you'll be brought through the registration flow.

In the meantime, our website team is on this and will fix it. Sorry again.